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Two Arms Mahakala Masterpiece Large Tibetan Thangka Painting

$900 $2400


  • Dimensions: 53" inch x 40" inch (137 cm x 102 cm)
  • Materials:Tibetan Canvas Cotton, 24k Gold, Water, Stone Powder Combination With Tibetan Hide Glue Mixture
  • Canvas: Orgnaic Cotton
  • Hand Painted In Nepal
  • Master Quality Tibetan Thangka

Mahakala is depicted in a number ofvariations, each with different qualities and accoutrements. In mostdepictions, such as this one of Karzopa, he is shown wearing a crown of fiveskulls. These skulls represent the transmutation of the five poisons (greed,hatred, ignorance, pride, and jealousy) into the five transcendent wisdoms. Heis also seen standing on two human corpses, thus symbolizing the death ofnegative patterns and emotions to such an extent that they will never return tolife.

 Mahakala has a number of other specific features with corresponding symbolism. His right hand holds the ritual curved knife, representing his ability to sever attachment toego. His left hand holds a skull bowl filled with blood to signify his subjugation of evil forces. His trident symbolizes his power over the threekayas - the spheres of desire, form and formlessness. His lasso binds those whobreak their vows, while his three eyes attest to his knowledge of the past,present and future. The surrounding blazing fire represents his continuous activity that consumes neurotic states.