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Original Hand- Painted White Tara, Mother Tara, Sgrol-ma, Tibetan Thangka Painting

$100 $230

Dimensions: 27.5 x 25 cm And In Inches 15" x 10"
Materials: Tibetan Dust Of Gold And Black
Canvas: Organic Cotton
Hand Painted In Nepal

More About White Tara
White Tara and her significance in Buddhism, particularly in Tibetan Buddhism. White Tara is indeed a revered deity in the Buddhist tradition, and she is associated with various qualities and attributes as you've described.

Longevity, Health, and Prosperity: White Tara is often invoked for her ability to promote long life, good health, peace, and prosperity. Her practice is believed to bring about positive changes in the lives of practitioners and those they wish to benefit.

Compassion and Motherly Figure: White Tara is seen as a loving and compassionate mother figure. Her image evokes feelings of kindness, generosity, and protection, making her a comforting presence for those facing suffering and difficulties.

Physical Attributes: Her radiant white complexion symbolizes purity and wisdom. The various ornaments and jewelry she wears represent her enlightened qualities. The seven eyes signify her ability to perceive both ultimate reality and the relative world simultaneously.

Mudra of Supreme Generosity: White Tara's right hand is in the mudra (gesture) of supreme generosity, symbolizing her willingness to offer assistance and blessings to all sentient beings.

Mantra Practice: Reciting White Tara's mantra is a common practice among Buddhists to establish a connection with her and cultivate her enlightened qualities within oneself. Mantras are considered powerful tools for transformation and spiritual development.

Dharmakaya Nature: White Tara is ultimately seen as an embodiment of the Dharmakaya, the ultimate nature of enlightened mind. This nature is described as beyond conceptualization, empty of inherent existence, and radiant like the sky. Her practice is a means for practitioners to attain liberation and awaken to their own Buddha-nature.

White Tara's worship and meditation practice are an integral part of Tibetan Buddhist traditions. Practitioners seek her blessings and guidance in their spiritual journey and for the well-being of all sentient beings. White Tara's compassion and wisdom are believed to provide solace and support to those in need.