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Original Hand- Painted Palden Lhamo Masterpiece 24k Gold Tibetan Thangka Painting From Nepal

$600 $1450

Dimensions: 76 x 54 cm And In Inches 30" x 21"
Materials: Tibetan Natural Colors With 24k Gold
Canvas: Organic Cotton
Hand Painted In Nepal
Master Quality Tibetan Thangka

More About Palden Lhamo

Palden Lhamo, also known as Shri Devi in Sanskrit, is a prominent Tibetan Buddhist deity and the only female among the eight Dharmapalas, or protective deities. She is depicted riding a mule and is characterized by her fierce appearance, adorned with skulls, a crown of five human heads, and surrounded by flames.

Considered a wrathful protector, Palden Lhamo is revered for her wisdom, compassion, and ability to dispel obstacles. She is believed to safeguard the teachings of Buddhism and aid practitioners in their spiritual journeys by removing obstacles, granting protection, and offering guidance.

Her presence in Tibetan Buddhism signifies the power to conquer negative forces and ignorance while guiding individuals on the path to enlightenment. Devotees often seek her blessings for protection, wisdom, and assistance in overcoming challenges in life.